Sil-Eco baking liners are the perfect choice for your cookie sheet liners. Our mats turn any pan into a non-stick surface. Sil-Eco baking liners are used best with Sil-Eco baking pans.

Simply place a Sil-Eco baking liner in a Sil-Eco baking pan. These liners have a specially designed mesh inside the silicone, which help baked foods brown evenly. Enjoy the easy removal of baked products.

Sil-Eco mats are great for baking with thinner, more delicate recipes. They are also perfect for working with sticky or gooey creations. They are completely non-stick. So, for even more advanced recipes like tuiles, clean up is a snap.

Sil-Eco saves you time cleaning your pans.

Sil-Eco baking mats are made with a fiber mesh and silicone. They can be used thousands of times when used and cared for properly.

Sil-Eco mats are made with food grade silicone and are FDA, NSF® and Kosher certified.

Sil-Eco mats can tolerate temperatures varying from -40°F to 480°F (-40°C to 280°C)

Why Sil-Eco?
SIL is for Silicone
ECO is for:
  • Sil-Eco liners take the place of wasteful parchment paper, which is typically used only once and rarely recycled.

  • Sil-Eco liners never need greasing. No greasing helps the environment in many ways.

  • Sil-Eco liners are made with silicone and fiber mesh so they will bio-degrade much easier than plastic.